What to Do When He Chooses Someone Else.


Step one. Say, “Okay.” And turn around and walk away.

Step two. Call your girlfriends, get a pint of your favorite ice cream, cry, scream, and eat the hell out of that ice cream.

Step three. Wipe your face, and straighten your crown.

Step four. Let go of him and any ideas or dreams you might have had about having a life together. Grieve the loss of the dreams of any relationship with him and get on with your life.

You don’t have any more time, or energy to waste on the wrong guy. You deserve better than that. I can hear it now… “But he’s not the wrong guy!!” He’s perfect, and we have the most amazing connection! I’ve been there But here are the cold hard facts: First of all, no one is perfect and secondly, if he chose someone else then he is definitely the wrong guy. Read that last part again. The “right” guy will not only meet your standards, but he’ll also make you his first choice.

…if he chose someone else then he is definitely the wrong guy.

Or…Maybe he is the right guy, but just not right now. Maybe he’s not ready for you. Either way, you need to let him go love. I know that might be painful to hear, but your perceived connection doesn’t matter anymore. It’s not your job to explain why you’re the better choice, or how right you are for him… that’s his decision! And he needs to come to that conclusion on his own! Besides, if you beg and plead for him to come back, you’ll likely end up looking totally pathetic and he wouldn’t respect you anyway.

If he’s the “right” guy, he’ll come back and explain when he’s ready. But don’t hold your breath. Don’t waste a single minute pining over him. Move on with your life. Because what if he wasn’t the right guy, and instead you just walked past Mr. Right at the grocery store with your head down because you have puffy eyes and smeared mascara?

And if he comes back??? Hmmm…I suppose it depends on the reason, but I don’t suggest accepting anyone back into your life so quickly if they were ever willing to toss you aside in the first place.


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