Judgement knows no boundaries. People of all walks of life can be judgy, particularly when it comes to income. I’ve seen people with a lot of money, judge someone begging for change. “Get a job…” I’ve seen it from people who have been handed everything they have. I’ve also seen it from people who’ve worked hard for what they have, but seem to have forgotten how it feels to struggle. Justifying themselves, “Well I got out of that mess because I worked hard, and they clearly must not be working hard enough.” Ugh, I don’t even want to elaborate on why this line of thinking is so wrong.

But I’m seeing a lot of folks who will judge those who have a lot, or appear to have abundance. And that is just as unfair. We don’t know where anyone came from or what their bank account looks like, and we certainly can’t tell how a person grew up based on the color of their skin or by the clothes they’re wearing.

Someone who appears to be enjoying a luxury lifestyle, can also be a person with strong character. They may not have had everything handed to them. And even if they HAVE had everything handed to them doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ungrateful! We see the occasional success stories of people who came from nothing. But there are success stories everywhere that no one talks about.

I wonder if feelings of animosity towards people who appear to have abundance might come from a place of jealousy? Because exactly is wrong with someone enjoying the finer things in life? Enjoying luxuries does not inherently make someone ungrateful, greedy or otherwise a bad person. We have no way of knowing what people do with their money or their level of gratitude for it.

Are there wealthy people who have a poorly developed character? Of course there are, but people who are lacking in character exist in EVERY class and income bracket.

Someone my give the outward appearance that they are in a better position than they actually are. In fact, I would wager that most of us try harder to give an impression of having everything put together more so than what is reality. Spending five minutes on social media can almost guarantee that you’ll see pictures of your friends and family having the time of their life. You almost never see a picture of them getting into an argument with their significant other, or struggling to pay their bills.

Food for thought: Someone driving a fancy car, is approached by someone who is struggling and is offering to fix a dent, or wash their windshield… well does declining these services make someone a bad person? Sometimes the person offering these services might suggest that they are, and that’s not okay.

That driver could be a caregiver going to pick up medications for their elderly client.

That driver could be a nanny driving their employers car to pick up the children from school.

That driver could have no money in their bank account, and driving their rich Aunt’s car after she passed away and they’re coming home from the funeral.

That driver could have just been laid off from their job.

That driver could simply just not see value in these services and decline, because no one should ever be guilted into giving anyone money or paying for a service they haven’t asked for. One can still empathize for the person offering a service, no purchase necessary.

The moral of the story here is that judging others is never acceptable. You just can not judge a book by its cover. So don’t assume and don’t judge. Period.

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